Since 2006 football was my hobby, all my life I have loved football in and out. Football was my favourite sport until I met basketball but football is still my love. The round white and black was the one, all I did was practice,practice and practice all day until dinner. Once I hit the age […]

     I never knew this would happen but it did. It was a normal Sunday  just about to leave by myself.crossing the road just about to be in the middle,then I notice it… no car or people was outside it was just me and all  the shops were closed but I still crossed.  It was just […]

I have been reading this book lately pale this book is about a boy called Jed. Jed is a teenager going to school. One day he was run over by a car and died. He was bring back to life with Lazarus serum this made him tern into a pale. Jed was a pale because […]

This essay is about what kind of child Felix is.Felix a very brave child saving Zelda from a house fire. Felix is a brave child because he saved Zelda after he left the orphanage because he thought his parents was coming because he was given a full carrot,from one of the sisters in the orphanage, […]

This term I have been reading a book called Malone Boy. Malone Boy is about a six grader in the middle of the holiday bored to hell,his friend thinks of a eerie idea by making him get an IF or an Imaginary                             […]

There was a boy called Jimmy he lived in an orphanage when his parents abandon him when he was born, his parents where rich(but they where Jews) they gave birth to him September 9:00 1932. in Jimmy’s notebook there was a story. His story is about a kid called”William marring a girl called Charlotte and […]

about ten thousand Jews lived in Poland before the second war, they where located in most urban areas. In 1920’s and 30’s they where poor. when it hit the year Hitler’s army hit September 1st  1939,the start of the second war September 17.They where only allowed to bring them self  and what there wearing to the constriction […]